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Songs of Hope
Das Licht kam über mich
Sie sind wieder da
Wie können wir Gott in unserer Zeit verstehen?
Über mich

Let there Be Freedom


Thirty-three centuries after being written, the Bible is still number one in the best-seller list and provides spiritual solace to many believers throughout the Western world. Living in Israel in the twentieth century I had difficulty in accepting the interpretations of the Bible which had their origins in antiquity and the middle ages. Again and again I wondered what it was that gave the Bible its power. Could it be that all the accepted interpretations were meant to lead us astray? Could it be that at the core of the Bible there is something which we no longer comprehend? And then one day a miracle happened. The walls built around the core of the Bible over the centuries seemed to fall away and I started to see it for what it really is. I suddenly realised that the Bible is not just a historical relic, a collection of ancient lore, of myths and laws good only for an ancient people, but a vibrant organism. I also realised that that of the Bible which is known as the Old Testament is not the message of a cruel and vengeful God. Like so many before me, I understood that it has many layers and that every era is shown another aspect.

von Dr. Eli Erich Lasch

Eine neue überarbeitete Ausgabe in deutscher Sprache wird Mitte 2007 erscheinen.

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One can also compare it to a beautiful woman covered with many veils. That is the reason why the exegesis of the past is not relevant for our time.
I was also shown that the Bible is not a religious book in the accepted meaning of the word. Neither it is mainly dealing with ethics, it is all that and more. It is rather a book dealing with survival, not survival as an animal, but as a human being. It is its core, the Torah, which kept the Jewish people alive against all odds, without any of the attributes which usually define a people or a nation. But it is even more. As shown by its name, it is a document showing us a way to become free.

Discovered? Shown? These are the only words that fit, because most of the information included in this book is not my own, it was dictated to me. When I started to write this book, my hand suddenly became independent and I could only look on and wonder at the words and sentences which appeared on the paper in front of me. What was it that my hand wrote: “This is a message of love dealing with the all-encompassing love of God to all that exists whether manifest or unmanifest, whether it has existed in the past, is existing in our time or will exist in the future; for there is neither time nor space in the eyes of God the creator. All these are but the illusions man has created to live by. This is a message which shows that all is one and one is all, and that one and all are but different aspects of God the Creator. Different aspects and yet the same, for all is unity, all is but one. It is a message which speaks of total love and understanding, of man to man, of man to all that has been created, and of man to God. For all is God and God is all.
It was in that part of the Bible called by the Christian community the Old Testament that the message of God, the message of love, was first enunciated. But this same book has also been misused more than any other book; misused for the oppression of man by man and for falling out from harmony with all there is, which is the real state of grace. Though done in the the name of God it was nothing but ‘taking the name of the Lord in vain’, as it caused mankind to move away from the ways of love, which are the ways of God. For how could the message God be one of cruelty and of oppression-of oppression of man by man and of nature by man? For is that not an oppression of God,of the God inside all and everything? For are we not all but parts of God? No book has been interpreted as much as the Bible in a way to suit man in his quest for power. Nor has any book been translated so often. But people do not realise that translation is interpretation, which means creating a new version and leaving the original behind. Thus each translation becomes a message from man to man, a message in which God is forgotten or His name is misused by the translator-interpreter. Misused in order to foster his own aims, which are not always consistent with those of God.

What were the real aims of the scriptures? To help man grow in body, in mind and in spirit. To liberate man from the darkness of paganism, from the fear of the unknown, and show him the way to light and to love. For is not fear the greatest enemy of love and of liberty? The message of the Bible, the message of God, was never a demand for blind obedience based on fear of punishment by a vengeful God. It was exactly the opposite. The Bible is but a guidebook which contains a series of signposts showing mankind the way to freedom, at the same time warning us of the pitfalls along this road. It also makes us aware of the road back to slavery, so that we can avoid it. It is a book about love and freedom, emphasising for the first time that man is born to light, born to be free, and showing very clearly that man’s birthright is freedom of choice, free will. His is the power to choose the way he wants to go. The Bible indicates the alternatives, but leaves the choice to man, while emphasising that free will also entails the maturity to take responsibility for the outcome of that choice. This is a book that can ultimately lead man out of infancy and show him the means to grow up. This is, however, only the first step, as the Bible also shows us the way to reclaim our divinity, reminding us that man is not just an intelligent animal. We are not of earth but of God. We are not created beings but the co-creators of our universe and all it contains.

This was my personal revelation, and at the same time a personal eye-opener. It enforced my personal transformation and showed me the way I should go.
As I have said before, up to the moment of my God exprerience I have been an atheist, or even worse. After my experience I had no doubts as to the existence of God, but now I was full of reproaches. How could the all knowing Father have tolerated the horrors of the holocaust? How could he have tolerated the expulsion of the Jews from Spain 500 years before . How could one love such a God? The same applied to the Torah. Though now I realized the role it played , I could not understand how that came to be.

After the second revelation I realized that it was not God who was at fault, but we humans. We are those who did not understand what God wanted to show us. The same is true for the Torah, again we are those who misinterpretated God’s words, his message.

So let me now take you on a journey of adventure, back to the original Hebrew meaning of the Bible, and let us explore together what the Bible really said. But a word of caution. The voyage is fraught with dangers. Beware, those who set out on it. You may end up a totally different person from the one you started. I warn you because that is what happened to me, your - guide. But you who are courageous enough, fasten your seatbelts and ... off we go.”



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